(This Policy Notice was last updated on September 25, 2018)

Landstar Metro S.A.P.I. de C.V (“Landstar”) recognizes the importance of protecting personal data in accordance with the laws of Mexico. This Privacy Notice sets forth how we collect, use and process personal data in numeric, alphabetical, graphic, photographic, acoustic or any other form concerning an identified or identifiable individual (“Personal Data”). The items contained in this Privacy Notice are required by the Law, its regulation and other applicable provisions.

  • Landstar is considered the “Data Controller” pursuant to the Data Protection Law.
  • We will not collect financial, property or sensitive data from you without your express consent. Sensitive data is information related with state of health, medical history, impairments, medical requirements, allergies, results of psychometric tests, gender, marital status, bank accounts, records and affiliations.
  • When express consent is required, we will provide you with a simple and free-of-charge means of providing express consent.
  • If you have a legal relationship with Landstar, your express consent is not required for processing financial, property or other Persona Data as strictly required by for the relationship.
  • We will not use your Personal Data for any purpose not described in our Privacy Policy.
  • You may revoke your express consent for the use of your Personal Data at any time by contacting us at and providing sufficient information so that we can comply with your request. In any case, said application must clearly detail the data or purposes for which your consent is revoked.
  • Your use of this Site provides consent (tacit or express) for the collection of Personal Data through the technology means discussed in the Privacy Policy. If you do not consent to collection of Personal Data through your use of the Site, DO NOT USE THE SITE.
  • The Personal Data collected is minimally necessary to provide you with useful information through access to the Site.
  • Your Personal Data may be transferred to third parties or outside of Mexico to offer you goods or services in accordance with your use of the Site.
  • Your consent is not necessary when transfers are done to Landstar´s affiliates, when transfers are necessary to comply with the obligations derived from the relationship with Landstar.
  • This Privacy Notice does not apply to corporations or individuals accessing the Site as businessmen and woman and professionals.
  • If Personal Data is collected by technology means (as described in the Privacy Policy) it is presumed to comply with the Quality Principle of the Data Protection Law, until such time as you declare and prove otherwise.
  • We will retain your Personal Data only as long as necessary to facilitate your use of the Site or services related to the Site.